How to Introduce Students to a Career Surveying


Trig*Star is an annual competition that recognizes the best student of trigonometry from school districts across Oklahoma. The goals of TRIG*STAR are:

  • to promote excellence in the mastery of trigonometry in high school.
  • to honor high school students who have demonstrated their superior skill among classmates at the local and statewide level.
  • to acquaint high school students with the use and practical applications of trigonometry in the surveying profession.
  • to build an awareness of surveying as a profession among mathematically skilled high school students, career guidance counselors, and high school math teachers.

Trig*Star is an extracurricular activity held each year across the state of Oklahoma. The competition is a timed exercise in solving trigonometry problems that incorporate the use of right triangle formulas and the laws of sines and cosines. Contestants have up to one hour to complete the regional test, and the person who achieves the highest score in the shortest amount of time wins.

Trig*Star is co-sponsored by the National Society of Professional Surveyors and the Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors.

For more information about Trig*Star contact OSLS at [email protected]


If your school hosts a career fair, the Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors (OSLS) would love to help you present an exciting career in surveying to your students. All you need to do is contact the local OSLS District Director and they would be glad to help you with your program. Contact OSLS at [email protected] for more information


Each year in April, many schools have programs devoted to the Land Run of 1889. OSLS has developed an exciting program that combines some classroom work combined with actual land run re-creation. The program teaches students how surveyors helped form the landscape of our great state beginning with this historic day. Contact OSLS for more information on this interactive program for your class.