Oklahoma land surveying will free you from the regular office grind, increase your love for tech, and provide you with a solid lucrative career.

Diverse Workdays

People often think that surveyors only work outside and conduct fieldwork, which is part of a surveyor’s duties. However, surveyors can choose from many specialties and get involved at many stages of a project. Sometimes a surveyor may work in the field and then deliver the data to a surveyor who works in the office. The office based surveyor analyzes the data, creates maps and other documents.

Advanced Tech

Today’s surveyors use cutting edge technology to collect and analyze data. High precision GPS equipment, 3D laser scanning systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones) and intricate geographic information systems challenge surveyors to apply increasingly complex technology to measure and map our world.

Great Pay

Surveyors occupy a respected position among professionals in Oklahoma, and compensation for licensed surveyors and land surveying para-professionals has continued to grow enormously. A salary survey conducted by the Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors found an average annual salary of $85,171 for Licensed Land Surveyors in Oklahoma.